The help and tools you need to prevail on a large scale.

Carmen Cars' support tools are second to none in the car sharing industry. We provide you with a dedicated supervisor, equipment, tools and more to ensure you can become self-sufficient. 

Host support

Carmen Cars offers comprehensive host support. From an internet-based local area to connections with colleagues to help you develop and provide new business, unique opportunities and enhancements, we are constantly promoting new resources and equipment to make using a car sharing business more available and beneficial. 

Host Group

Your all-inclusive resource for assets, suggestions and information for individual hosts.

Carmen Cars Connect

No other car sharing service offers contactless sharing with Carmen Cars Connect.

Trust & Well-being

Carmen Cars guarantees trust and security through sustainable relationships with hosts, help in everyday life, emergency assistance and protection.

Host Assets

A selection of equipment, documentation, reports and other tools to help you succeed.

Carmen Cars offers anyone who owns a suitable vehicle the opportunity to become a host. Regardless of whether you have transferred a loan or rental to the car or taken it into care. For those with multiple vehicles, the Power Host scheme provides a degree of help and guidance that hosts need to look after the accessibility and maintenance of a couple or even multiple vehicles. With this basic arrangement, you can become a Carmen Cars today.

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