The way to your prosperity

If you love assembling and are ready to get into a local business, become a carshare host today or learn more.


That's the easy road to claiming a business.

Carmen Cars prepares you to start your business. 

Car sharing is one of the fastest developing businesses in the world, and interest in shared vehicles is growing. In just a few days, you can be sharing cars on the Carmen Cars stage and creating income for yourself and your family. 

Get started today. Onboarding is quick and easy. Then we will launch Carmen Cars Connect®, our exclusive innovation that allows contactless car sharing in your vehicle. This means visitors can discover, book and open your vehicle from their phone while making their reservation. 

If you have been thinking about a business or other private venture, you know that startup costs can run into the thousands. However, with Carmen Cars, you can get your vehicles up and running for as little as about $100 per month, along with a $20 per month information membership. 

We are looking for hopeful business owners who are looking for an affordable way to start a business and find the perfect time to do it. So join our local Carmen Cars power has area and become your caregiver today.

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FAQs for car sharing providers

If you are thinking about starting a carsharing business, you probably have questions. We have got them answered!

What is carsharing?

Carsharing is a business where individuals book exclusive vehicles for short periods of time. With Carmen Cars this is usually permanently, but it can also be for a day or significantly longer.

What is Carmen Cars ?

The Carmen Cars ride-sharing service includes an iOS and Android application that lets you discover and book a vehicle. Our restrictive equipment, Carmen Cars, is for opening and picking up the auto. It is a contactless encounter for the host and the visitor.

Do I need insight to start a car sharing business?

You do not need any experience to start a car sharing business. Carmen Cars will support you every step of the way. We provide every minute of daily support for you and your visitors. .

Where can I get help starting my carsharing business?

If you have at least two vehicles with Carmen Cars, in addition to our expert help, a dedicated database manager is available to assist you with important decisions.

Is carsharing a secondary income?

Numerous Carmen Cars employees have a regular job and use car sharing to supplement their salary. They also report spending about 30 to an hour per vehicle each week on routine maintenance, washing, and other errands to make sure their cars are ready for visitors.

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