To become an effective host, you need technique.

Carmen Cars Power has a vehicle sharing action plan that is easy to understand and equally easy to choose. 

Carmen Cars Power Host Program Procedure

With a general barrier to participation - anyone with a vehicle can become a contractor - you can join today and begin tolerating visitors the same day; the professional organization introduces your Carmen Cars Connect device. Depending on your location and the accessibility of the installer, this usually takes a couple of days, but can take up to seven days. 

Why you should start a car sharing company

Carmen Cars is a full-circuit vehicle sharing model: visitors use the Carmen Cars application to select and return vehicles in a similar area. Through the application, visitors pay a fee based on the amount of time they use the car. They are limited to 200 miles, and Carmen Cars charges a fee for exceeding that, a portion of which goes to the host. 

Socioeconomics, urbanization, and the economy are driving change – and premium – in the car-sharing sector. Twenty- to thirty-somethings and Gen-Z ages 15 to 40 are driving less, living more regularly in metropolitan areas, and tending to meet need levels despite their utilization. 

Carsharing provides these people with access to the vehicles they need to live and work, and has led to uneven development in the carsharing industry. 

Ice and Sullivan, an auto and transportation consulting firm, projects that the carsharing market will grow from 7 million in 2015 to 36 million in 2025, and that the number of accessible vehicles will increase by 400% over the same period. To put it bluntly, there will never be a better opportunity to become a carsharing provider.