Your safety is our top priority.

We have your safety in mind

Familiar in the region, reliable rides

Dangerous location

Carmen Cars uses the latest hazard detection innovations when screening new visitors to ensure they are of good character and that their driving suitability meets our qualification rules.

Contactless booking

Visitors can book and finish rides with Carmen Cars without expecting to meet their hosts due to restrictive innovation.

Carmen Cars

Our discretionary hedging plan guarantees that visitors will be taken care of if things do not go as expected.


Have questions about the safety of your vehicle? Our Trust and Safety group has put together a series of tips to help our hosts.

Carmen Cars Connect

Carmen Cars Connect works with constant perimeter monitoring, keyless entry, and immobilizer thanks to advanced security features.

Included protection

Carmen Cars rides are covered by protection and all-day, daily customer care. Please refer to our Insurance Overview, Host Policy and Guest Policy for relevant inclusion criteria and exclusions.

We make sharing safer and more secure for host.

If you have questions about the safety of your vehicle, we are here to help. Follow these prescribed procedures to ensure a smooth experience for you and your visitors while using Carmen Cars.

Choose the right living area
The right living area can have a big impact on sharing a vehicle at Carmen Cars. A decent living area... a place where you feel safe when you leave the vehicle and where visitors feel safe when they get it. actually available. Carmen Cars urges hosts to check their vehicles within 24 hours of each outing.
... Has a large audience. Carmen Cars Connect relies on mobile phones to fill orders and update GPS.

Check the pickup guidelines point by point
Your notice should include guidelines for locating the vehicle, as well as any special arrangements that might stand out when a visitor arrives. If you use a locker, you should also specify the area and mix.
Your policies may also include specifications for when the vehicle is expected to be returned.

Turn on advanced security
Enhanced Security (ES) is a product component of Carmen Cars Connect that locks your vehicle when it is not in use. When ES is enabled, your car is prevented from being started. After you open the car using the Carmen Cars application, the car will start as normal. It is clearly mandatory for most vehicle owners to activate ES unless the vehicle is parked in a carport.

Clean and maintain your vehicle
‍By keeping your vehicle clean and roadworthy, you can be sure that visitors will have a positive experience when they drive your car. This is also required by Carmen Cars' qualification rules. Also, make sure that before you take your vehicle out for the first time, you eliminate all items that are near your home, including vehicle accessories and phone chargers. If you have synced your phone to the car, you should erase all data stored in the vehicle to prevent an outsider from accessing it.

Contact Carmen Cars if you have any questions about recording and booking
‍When visitors contact you to record or book data (including trip extensions), simply refer them to Carmen Cars visitor management if it's not too much trouble. To protect your data, talk to visitors only through the Carmen Cars application and do not share your contact details if it is not too much trouble.

Get in touch with us every minute of the day
‍Carmen Cars staff are available 24/7 to address any concerns visitors or hosts may have. If you have an issue with trust and safety, ask to speak with a trust and safety specialist and you will be connected with someone who has detailed information.

We make carsharing easy for visitors anywhere in the world.

If you have any questions about your trip, we are here to help. Adhere to the following rules to ensure a smooth experience when using Carmen Cars.

Search and book with certainty

With the Carmen Cars app and Carmen Cars Connect, you can use your Android or iOS device to discover, book and open reliable vehicles in a Carmen Cars refurbished region anywhere, anytime. In addition, all vehicles must meet the vehicle qualification required by Carmen Cars.

Discover the vehicle (and inclusion) that is right for you

Vehicles, trucks, and vans are constantly or continuously available, so you'll have the ideal vehicle for any occasion. When booking a vehicle, remember to choose the level of protection for actual damage and emergency assistance.

Read the purchase guidelines

The directions contain important information, such as where to find the stop card or key, or how to open the locker if one is in use. Therefore, read these instructions thoroughly and look for any special instructions regarding the host's drop-off policy to avoid confusion.

Use the Carmen Cars application to talk to the host

Back up your information and answer your questions by using the Carmen Cars app to talk to the host during your trip. Of course, you should never be prompted to pay a host directly or contact them outside of the application. However, if this should happen, please contact Carmen Cars immediately.

Adhere to the guidelines

Familiarize yourself with Carmen Cars' policies for visitors to ensure you do not inadvertently cause a fine for smoking, not returning the vehicle properly, or letting someone else drive. These violations can result in fines or even deactivation of your listing.

Return the vehicle on time and submit photos after the trip.

Give yourself plenty of time to return the vehicle to the location assigned in the booking, and conduct a post-ride inspection before the end of your trip. Carmen Cars' application makes it easy to submit photos of the vehicle. Make sure to extend your excursion if you are late or contact Carmen Cars if you encounter any problems.

Find support

The staff at Carmen Cars is available day in and day out to address any concerns that hosts may have. If you have an issue with trust and safety, ask to speak to a trust and safety specialist and you will be put in touch with someone who has specific information.

When it’s urgent

If you are a host and have an urgent trust and safety issue, Carmen Cars staff can take your call 24/7. Call Carmen Cars through the app and connect with a dedicated Trust & Safety agent.

The safety of Carmen Cars guests and hosts is always a top priority. That's why Trust & Safety agents are trained to respond to issues such as accidents, illegal items in the car, vehicle recoveries and theft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Drivers should be about 19 years old to drive with Carmen Cars and have held a driver’s license for at least two years. Drivers with multiple minor violations or accidents not their fault in the last three years or a DUI /drug-related driving in the last seven years are not eligible to drive with Carmen Cars. Drivers under the age of 21 should have a clean driving record. Different qualification requirements apply to drivers from Hawaii, Alaska and outside the United States. 

A vehicle should be less than ten years old and have less than 125,000 miles on it to qualify to be shared on Carmen Cars without a mechanical inspection. Vehicles that are 10 years old and older (through 2007) and have more than 125,000 miles on them may qualify for onboarding if the vehicle has passed a vehicle inspection by a warranted mechanic. Annual inspections are required for these vehicles following onboarding. 

Carmen Cars uses the latest hazard detection innovations when screening new visitors to ensure their personality and driving behaviors meet our qualification rules. In addition, trust and safety specialists work every minute to detect extortion and abuse, and continually respond to appropriate behavior.

Carmen Cars vehicles have a basic daily mileage limit (200 miles). Additional mileage beyond this will result in additional charges to the driver. If a visitor exceeds the base mileage, the owner will be reimbursed for each mile driven. 

Hosts are responsible for ensuring their vehicles are well maintained and prepared for the road. Visitors are responsible for refueling their car and returning it on time to the location specified in the booking at the end of the excursion. 

Expenses are organized to encourage positive car sharing encounters and discourage inconsiderate behavior. 

There are no participation or membership fees for visitors who book vehicles with Carmen Cars. In addition, costs are calculated on a per-ride basis to encourage positive carsharing encounters and discourage dishonest behavior. 

Consider the possibility that I may need assistance. 

The staff at Carmen Cars will take care of any concerns visitors or hosts may have. If you have an issue related to trust and safety, ask to speak with a Trust and Safety Specialist and you will be connected with someone who can help.

If you are involved in an accident and someone is harmed, the first thing you should do is call 911. This is the absolute most important phase – we need to make sure everyone involved is protected. If the vehicle is ready to be driven, please try to pull it to the side of the road, turn on the hazard lights and open the hood. Then, when everyone is protected and the emergency services have been reached (if necessary), call Carmen Cars Customer Service by tapping the “Help” button on the Carmen Cars home page. 

As long as you keep a vehicle through Carmen Cars and follow our Terms and Conditions during your trip, you are covered during an active trip. 

At checkout, Carmen Cars visitors choose the protection plan that suits their needs. You are liable for any damage caused to your vehicle up to the amount of the damage covered by the protection plan.